Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) - PRN

  • Hospice of Chattanooga
  • Dayton, Tennessee
  • Posted: Feb 07, 2019

Job Description


The LPN provides hospice services to the patients and families in the Hospice program. Responsible for assessing the patient and providing physical care and emotional support. Communicating changes/needs to primary case management nurse.


* EDUCATION: Licensed Practical Nurse.
* EXPERIENCE: 1-2 years experience in hospice, oncology or home health nursing preferred. Experience in death crisis intervention, and family and patient counseling skills.
* LICENSURE or CERTIFICATION: Active LPN License able to practice in TN and GA (Ga eNLC or TN Multi-State) Current CPR certification.

* Responsible for physical and emotional assessment of Hospice patients.
* Responsible for taking and recording vital signs during each home visit.
* Responsible for evaluating and recording patient’s medication compliance and its effectiveness and coordinate with primary care RN or Clinical Manager (if covering for absent primary RN).
* Consults with physician as needed for new orders.
* Responsible for the holistic assessment of the patient (i.e., pain, nausea, skin breakdown, physical/emotional changes, etc.) in coordination with primary care RN or Clinical Manager.
* Manages symptoms with visits and telephone calls.
* Confers with social worker, primary care RN, CNA and Clinical Manager.
* Responsible for providing support to family members of Hospice patients.
* Listens to and supports family members/caregivers.
* Provides instruction and education to the family/caregiver.
* Responsible for completing daily/weekly documentation.
* Responsible for completing charting, flow sheets, nurses notes and clinical update sheets in a timely manner.
* Responsible for attending meetings as necessary.
* Attend team meetings as scheduled.
* Responsible for attending all required inservices.
* Serves on TQM teams as requested.
* Attends miscellaneous meetings as necessary.
* Assists and/or promotes a positive Hospice environment.
* Consistently evaluates the work environment, seeking self-improvement, including better time-management, and more efficient work methods as observed by the director.
* Represents the director and Hospice staff appropriately to customers.
* Contributes to the smooth and effective operation of Hospice.
* Works cooperatively with co-workers.
* Demonstrates a working knowledge of Hospice policies, demonstrating ability to assess a situation, consider the alternatives, and choose appropriate courses of action. Inspires confidence in customers and co-workers by being well-informed and prepared at all times.
* Demonstrates ability to organize, prioritize, and determine work needs.
* Maintains strict confidentiality.
* Willingly accepts additional work assignments or projects as indicated by timely and acceptable completion of such projects.
* Completes annual skills competency assessment.