Maintenance Director (Environmental Services Director)

  • Aspire at Carriage Hill
  • 5020 Sulky Drive
  • Posted: Feb 05, 2019
Service/Skilled Workers

Job Description

Purpose: :

The Environmental Services Director is responsible for planning, organizing, developing, and directing the general operational maintenance, repair, and housekeeping of the Community’s physical plant to maintain proper overall operations. He/she oversees the general maintenance and housekeeping operations to ensure that the Community and residence units are maintained in a safe, clean, and comfortable manner. The Environmental Services Director is also responsible for communication and coordination with the Environmental Services Associates and schedules the necessary tasks to accomplish repairs and alterations to buildings and equipment systems. He/she assumes responsibility for the overall cleanliness, sanitation, safety, and organization of the physical plant of the Community.

Qualifications :

Education and Experience::

* Must possess a High School Diploma.
* Must have a minimum of three (3) years of experience in a supervisory capacity in a maintenance plant-related position in the building industry and/or in housekeeping, responsible to handle the upkeep, repair, and maintenance of electrical, plumbing and structural matters, including HVAC systems.
* Must be knowledgeable as to maintenance and housekeeping policies and procedures, as well as laws, regulations and guidelines governing maintenance functions in the Community.
* Understands the practices surrounding proper handling of biohazardous waste.
* Demonstrates competency in the performance of duties and responsibilities through the utilization of sound judgment and the reporting of unusual problems/conditions to the General Manager.
* Must possess a valid Driver’s License, preferably a Commercial Driver’s
Skills and Requirements::

* Strong organizational, oral, and written communication skills.
* Self-¬motivated and ability to work with minimal supervision.
* Results oriented.
* Customer service orientation.
* A proven team player.

Essential Functions::

* Performs general maintenance work (light, electrical, painting, carpentry, etc.).
* Is aware and knowledgeable of federal and state laws and regulations regarding assisted living/memory care, including the state’s fire safety code; ensures and maintains regulatory compliance with all such regulations.
* Understands HVAC and can operate and maintain equipment.
* Replenishes and maintains supply levels in work areas.
* Assures all tools, work areas, and equipment are clean, in proper working order, and properly stored.
* Assures that the Community environment and all equipment are properly maintained for Resident comfort and convenience.
* Consistently and routinely maintains and repairs equipment and documents any hazardous conditions.
* Routinely sees that light bulbs, exit lights, room call lights, etc., are replaced where needed.
* Conducts daily inspections of buildings, grounds, and equipment to determine necessary maintenance and repairs.
* Maintains drawings and plans on file for the Community.
* Maintains a file of manufacturer instructions and warranty information on all equipment.
* Supervises safety and fire protection and prevention programs by inspecting work areas and equipment at least weekly.
* Directs Associates and Residents in the event of a fire or other emergency.
* Assures that personnel follow established safety practices (OSHA) and maintains the organization of the physical plant of the Community.
* Responsible for maintaining the general appearance of the building including, but not limited to, supervising, assisting and cleaning up after events, general cleanup during scheduled shift, and arranging furniture on an ongoing basis.
* Maintains a Preventive Maintenance Log for all mechanical systems that includes a preventative maintenance schedule.
* Oversees and supervises landscaping and can arrange removal contractors to ensure quality work.
* Establishes and maintains an effective work-order system.
* Keeps track of monthly budget (supplies and purchased services).
* Monitors and minimizes overtime usage.
* Participates in in-service training as required by state regulations.
* Maintains confidentiality of all pertinent Resident care information.
* Responsible for weekly submission of invoices and spend-down report on Excel spreadsheet.
* Performs other duties as required.
* May have their picture taken and image used in social media or community advertising.
* May be video recorded from devices installed by families in residents’ apartments.