Occupational Therapist

  • Millington Healthcare Center
  • 5081 Easley St
  • Posted: Feb 05, 2019

Job Description

PRN position for overflow caseload and vacation coverage.

Job Summary::

Plan and administer a prescribed occupational therapy treatment program for patients/residents to facilitate 1·ehabilitation following illness, disease or injury


* Review and evaluate physician referrals and patient / resident medical records to determine occupational therapy treatment required.
* Plan and prepare written treatment program based on evaluation of available patient / resident data.
* Confer with physician and other health practitioners to obtain additional patient/resident information, suggest revisions in treatment program, and integrate therapy treatment ·with other aspects of patient / resident care.
* Record patient/resident treatment, response and progress.
* Assist the rehab director and medical director in planning of occupational therapy services as needed.
* Perform tests, measurements and evaluations such as functional activities/ADI.s, range of motion, manual muscle tests, postural control, sensation, coordination, neuromuscular control, visual perception and home management.
* Plan program involving practice in functional skills including prevocational, vocational and homemaking skills and activities of quality living.
* Consult ·with other members of the rehabilitation team to select programs consistent with needs and capabilities of each patient and to coordinate occupational therapy with other therapeutic activities.
* Select treatment program suited to individual physical capacity, intelligence level and interest to upgrade patient to maximum independence, assist in restoration of functions and aid in adjustment to disability.
* Consult with physicians and/or nursing in the event of adverse reactions.
* Maintain documentation consistent with third party reimbursement.
* Conduct on the job training for new employees. Adapt existing training materials to meet immediate needs.
* Assist in the recruitment of staff to provide needed treatment.
* Attend department meetings and/or sit on required committees.
* Participate in developing and updating department policies and procedures, and maintain required records and reports as outlined in tl1e Policies and Procedures Manual.
* Participate in department budget planning with supervisor on actual hours and expenses versus budget.
* Develop specifications for commonly used items
* Maintain confidentiality of necessary information.
* Utilize supplies and equipment properly and without waste
* Think and act calmly and logically to meet unusual occurrences of the job without being thrown off stride.
* Perform any miscellaneous work assignments as may be required.
* Follow established infection control precautions and adhere t.o Universal Blood and Body Fluid precautions following Company policy and center specific infection control policies and procedures.
Job Requirements::

* Credentialed graduate of an accredited Occupational Therapy program and licensed In the state where practicing.
* Prior experience in occupational therapy preferred.
* Ability to lift 50 pounds, w.1.th frequent lifting and/or carrying of objects weighing up to 20 pounds
* Travel within a local area as needed for patient treatment.