Nurse Practitioner

  • Affinis Hospice
  • 21 Highland Dr
  • Jan 30, 2019

Job Description

PRN Position


Works autonomously; but in collaboration with physicians to deliver medical care to hospice patients.


Include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

* Provides advanced practice nursing services by managing acute and chronic conditions.
* Develops treatment plans for patients at home and possible other resident settings.
* Performs on-site services for assessment in residential settings as needed.
* Maintains regular communication with the Patient Care Manager to review caseload.
* Maintains regular communication with the attending physician concerning patient/family caseload.
* Obtains data on physical, psychological, social and spiritual factors that may influence patient/family health status and incorporates that data into the plan of care.
* Works closely with health care agencies to coordinate medical care.
* Provides Hospice nursing care based on systematic assessment focusing on pain control and symptom management.
* Teaches, supervises and counsels patients/families regarding physical care and other problems related to the patients terminal condition.
* Provides guidance to patients/families to assist them in preparing for and coping with anticipated physical and psychological events throughout the dying process.
* Accurately documents observations, interventions and evaluations pertaining to patient care management and services provided in accordance with Hospice policy and procedures on the day services are rendered. Submits documentation in a timely manner
* Participates in IDG conference and facilitates discussion of issues from caseload for full staff discussion, consultation and evaluation.
* Informs the Director of Hospice of unusual or potentially problematic patient/family issues.
* Assumes role of associate nurse when responding to patients/families of other primary nurses during on-call time, or when requested by the Director of Hospice to fill patient/family needs during the absence of another Primary Care Nurse.
* Participates in Hospices orientation and in-service training programs for staff.
* Participates in Hospice and community programs as requested to promote professional growth and understanding of Hospice care.
* Demonstrates familiarity with policies of the Hospice and rules and regulations of the State and Federal bodies which govern the provision of hospice care.
* Supports and implements Hospice policies regarding patient/family care.
* Complies with the Corporate Compliance program.
* Complies with the organizations Privacy and Security procedures.
* Other duties as assigned by supervisor.


* Demonstrated ability to assess and respond to the needs of patients and families in varied settings and to cope with emotional stress.
* Must be able to function in a practice environment with minimal direct supervision, accepting personal responsibility for maintaining a professional relationship with patients and their families.
* Must accept responsibility for maintaining clinical practice skills, learning and adhering to Hospices policies and procedures on an on-going basis
* Extensive knowledge of healthcare and long-term care organizations and their structure.
* Ability to effectively communicate and present information in a clear and concise manner, both orally and in writing.
* Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with associates, department heads, administrators, member organization presidents and their leadership teams, and the general public.

* Graduate of Masters or Doctoral Nurse Practitioner Program that meets the standards of the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.
* Previous experience and education in palliative care preferred.
* Ability to meet Hospices conditions of employment regarding health clearance, and provisions of professional references.

* Must have a current and unencumbered license as a Nurse Practitioner specific to the state the employee is assigned to work by the Hospice.
EEO / M/ F/ D/ V/ Drug-Free Workplace

PRN Staff