Social Worker - PGMC

  • Pacific Gardens Medical Center
  • 21530 s. Pioneer Blvd
  • Posted: Jan 25, 2019
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Job Description



The Social Worker position is responsible for documentation compliance for regulations governing social work and discharge planning and participates in conducting social work assessments, developing and implementing discharge plans, facilitates the Interdisciplinary Plan of Care Rounds and mentors new and existing staff. This position requires professional communication skills, the ability to perform special assignments under only very general supervision, and to continuously develop Department operations toward efficiency and effectiveness.


This position requires a Master’s Degree in Social Worker and at least 2 years of work experience in an acute care hospital setting as well as a working knowledge of discharge planning. Management experience and/or 2 years as a Licensed Social Worker in an acute care hospital setting with demonstrated and effective leadership preferred. Essential requirements include excellent organizational and liaison capabilities with well-developed written and verbal communication skills. Demonstrated public relations’ abilities in conjunction with a cooperative and assertive attitude are critical to this position.


* Assist in planning, developing, organizing, implementing, evaluating, and directing the social service program to this facility.
* Assist in the administering and coordinating of department policies and procedures.
* Keep abreast of current Federal and State regulations, as well as professional standards and make recommendations on changes in policies and procedures.
* Review department policies and procedures, at least annually, and participate in making recommended changes
* Assist in the review and updating of departmental job descriptions at least annually.
* Maintain a quality working relationship with the medical profession and other health related facilities and organizations.
* Assist in developing and implementing policies and procedures for the identification of medically related social and emotional needs of the patients and family.
* Participate in community planning related to the interest of the facility and the services needs of the patient and family.
* Participate in discharge planning; development and implementation of discharge plans and assessments.
* Interview the patients and/or family to obtain social history to complete the social work assessment.
* Interpret social, psychological, and emotional needs of the family to the medical staff, attending physician, and other members of the Interdisciplinary team.
* Performs administrative requirements, such as completing necessary forms and reports.
* Involve the guardian/counselor and/or family in discharge planning.
* Make referrals to sub-acute rehabs/long term care replacement, acute care, etc.
* Assist with obtaining Durable Medical Equipment (i.e. walker, oxygen, and ventilator) and making referrals to home health care agencies and visiting nurse agencies.
* Assist is in arranging transportation to other facilities.
* Refers families to appropriate social service agencies.
* Provide information to family on Medicare/medical and other financial assistance programs.
* Assist in obtaining resources from community, social, health and welfare agencies to meet the needs of the patient.
* Provide consultation to members of our staff, community agencies, etc. in efforts to solve the needs and problems of patient.
* Assist in providing solutions for social and practical environmental problems including seeking financial assistance, discharge planning (including collaboration with community agencies), and referrals to other community agencies when specialized assistance is required.
* Review departmental complaints and grievances from personnel and make written reports to the administrator of action(s) taken. Follow facility’s established procedures.
* Develop and implement appropriate plans of action to correct identified deficiencies.
* Participate in facility surveys (inspections) made by authorized government agencies as necessary.
* Ensure that all charted progress notes are informative and descriptive of the services provided.
* Maintain a reference library of written material, laws, standards of practice, etc. necessary for complying with current standards and regulations, and that will provide assistance in maintaining quality social service.
* Serve on, participate in, and attend various committees of the facility as required, and as appointed by the Administrator.
* Attend and participate in the Utilization Review Committee functions as required or as may be necessary.
* Evaluate and implement recommendations from established committees as they may pertain to social services.
* Assist in the recruitment, interviewing, and selection of social services personnel.
* Schedule department work hours (including vacation and holiday schedule), personnel, work assignments, etc., to expedite work.
* Counsel/discipline social services personnel as requested or as necessary.
* Assist in standardizing the methods in which social services tasks will be performed.
* Review and check competence of social services personnel and make necessary adjustments/corrections as required or that may become necessary.
* Maintain an excellent working relationship with other department supervisors and coordinate social services to assure that daily social services can be performed without interruption.
* Conduct departmental performance evaluations in accordance with the facility’s policies and procedures.