Volunteer - Veteran Opportunity

  • Homestead Hospice
  • Atlanta, Georgia
  • Posted: Jan 25, 2019

Job Description

Job Summary::

To provide unpaid volunteer services to the hospice patients and their families.


* Excellent communication skills, both verbal and written
* Ability to accept the changing needs of a hospice program
* Sound judgment in regards to issues of death and dying
* Available for training and continuing education
* Interacts tactful, diplomatic, and humanistic manner with patients and families
* Maintains all scheduled visits and adheres to Homestead Hospice policy and procedures
* Office clerical volunteer must be 16 years of age or older

* Completes the hospice volunteer training sessions and in-services.
* Participates in hospice quality improvement programs.
* Submits documentation of volunteer activity in an accurate and timely manner.
* Adheres to all company policies and procedures
* Communicates appropriate clinical information to the Volunteer Coordinator.
* Provides spiritual and emotional support to patients and their families.
* Maintains confidentiality of necessary information.
* Reports all grievances or complaints made by patients or families to the appropriate persons.
* Reports all allegations of patient abuse and/or misappropriation of patient’s property to Volunteer Coordinator.
* Ensures that all services are provided with respect for patient rights.
* Follows standard precautions and infection control procedures.
* Reports all accidents and incidents observed to Volunteer Coordinator.
* Thinks and acts calmly and logically to meet unusual occurrences of the job.
* Communicates effectively with patients and families.
* Must wear name badge
* Fill out Volunteer Note and return to Volunteer Coordinator within 24 hours
* Offer privacy when necessary
* Provide appropriate touch (on hands)
* Contact Volunteer Coordinator if patient visit changes
* Never give Legal or medical advise
* DNR means NEVER call 911. Call office immediately.
* Never take patient off property
* Never lift or transfer patient
* Never assist patient in standing or walking
* Never accept money as a “gift”
* Never attend to any ADL’s