Director of Sales and Marketing

  • Concordia Retirement Center
  • 1 Concordia Drive
  • Jan 23, 2019

Job Description

Position Summary::

Market the residence through building positive relationships with referral sources, qualified prospects, and educating them on the residence’s philosophy and services. Guide prospects through the decision making process.

Primary Responsibilities::


* Develop and implement an effective marketing plan to include:
* Visiting with referral sources
* Hosting events at the residence for qualified prospects and referral sources
* Placing advertisements in newspapers
* Mailing promotional information to prospects
* Seek and build positive relationships with the surrounding community, particularly referral sources.
* Educate employees as to their role in marketing and presenting the residence.
* Join community groups and attend meetings to build good will in the surrounding area, educate members about your residence, and develop positive relationships.
* Attend seminars, read books and publications, and participate in any company training for marketing and sales.


* Maintain up-to-date records of all communication with prospective customers using the appropriate system, and track each prospective customer from initial contact to the final decision.
* Possess and maintain a strong knowledge of the residence, its benefits, the services provided, the customers, and employees.
* Build positive and trusting relationships with prospects through:
* Listening to the needs of the prospect.
* Asking questions to acquire more information about the prospect’s situation and concerns.
* Presenting the benefits of the residence to the prospect and how the prospect’s needs can be met.
* Introducing prospects and their families to other employees, residents and families and providing opportunities for them to experience the benefits of the residence.
* Following-up with prospects regularly, based on their needs and time frame.
* Guiding the prospect to make a decision that best meets their needs.
* Maintain or exceed budgeted census, deposits and move-ins.
* Provide regular reports to the executive director regarding sales achievements, status of interested prospects, and implementation of the marketing plan.
Move-In Process

* Provide the family with all move-in paperwork and ensure that it is completed and returned within the specified time frame prior to move-in.
* Work with the wellness nurse and resident services director to schedule an assessment with the resident.
* Inform all employees of the pending move-in date and the necessary information about the resident.
* Assist the resident and their family with the transition process through on-going communication, sensitivity and reassurance.


* Bachelor’s degree preferred
* Successful experience in sales and marketing
* Computer experience and ability to use or learn sales programs
* Desire to work with older adults
Knowledge Requirements:

* Any required training by the residence.
* Thorough knowledge of the residence, residents, services provided, and employees.
* Federal and state laws pertaining to assisted living.