Healthcare Management Instructor

  • Advanced College
  • 8338 West Lane
  • Jan 18, 2019

Job Description


The Healthcare Management Instructor reports directly to the Director of Academics (DOA) with an indirect reporting relationship to the Director of Campus Operations. This position is for an adjunct instructor in Healthcare Management program. Courses may include online or hybrid format. Student advising as it relates to the course being taught is also part of the role.


* Teaching responsibilities include time spent in the classroom, laboratory, or online in telecommunications courses and in immediate preparation for them;
* Maintaining and improving competence in subjects being taught; preparing teaching materials;
* Conferring with students on course materials;
* Directing individual and group studies and practical;
* Reviewing written or online examinations and papers;
* Evaluating presentations; and supervising independent study projects.

* Responsible for the ove
* Prepare courses in accordance with published faculty workload guidelines and departmental requirements
* Prepare and distribute course syllabi according to university and departmental requirements
* Grade all assignments, quizzes, projects, and/or exams as described in the course syllabi
* Meet with students (in person or virtual) as related to instructional activity
* Evaluate, update, and revise courses regularly
* Participate in the assessment activities of the Department as directed
* Administrative responsibilities include writing syllabi, grading course work, submitting final grades.

* Bachelor of Science in Nursing. Masters in Health Administration or Master’s in Business Administration preferred.
* Minimum three years of experience in teaching healthcare management in an online environment or closely related field preferred.
* Demonstrate integrity and ethics; leads through open, honest communication; makes decisions with the high ethical standards of the institution in mind.
* Disciplined yet dynamic; able to focus on quality outcomes across short time scales and adapt quickly to change as necessary.
* Results-oriented.
* Strong student-centered focus; commitment to student satisfaction and success.
* Ability to prioritize tasks and manage deadlines appropriately.
* Excellent communication skills across all levels; able to communicate ideas and expectations clearly and concisely.