Social Worker

  • Carehaven
  • 506 Riverview Drive
  • Nov 16, 2018
Allied Health

Job Description


This position is responsible for managing and assuming authority, responsibility and accountability for Center Social Services program and collaborating with the center Interdisciplinary team to ensure admissions, discharges and social needs are assessed and planned. Medically related Social Services will be offered in a manner that meets state and federal guidelines and laws, as well as center policies and procedures and standards of practice.


* Conduct assessments and gather information that promotes development and implementation of a Social program that meets needs of short-term and long-term patients and residents
* Work in collaboration with Interdisciplinary Team (IDT) to develop, implement, evaluate plan of care
* Complete assessments, including MDS, Social Service Assessment and other documentation required by regulations, Policies and Procedures, and/or standards of practice.
* Develops processes and procedures to ensure residents/patients are informed of their rights, services and community resources
* Provides training and materials to promote continuity of processes involving social support, abuse/neglect reporting and investigations, maintaining resident rights and promoting dignity
* Participates in development of department budget, oversees spending for department and provides relevant information to Administrator
* Leads, supports and/or participates in leading Resident and/or Family Councils, serving as Center liaison and resident advocate, communicating requests, concerns, recommendations appropriately to other departments, keeping minutes/meeting notes, apprising Administrator. This function may be carried out by the Activity Department as well.
* Addresses concerns, complaints and grievances brought forth by patients, residents, responsible parties, visitors or the community. Communicates information to Administrator and appropriate managers, conducts investigations, documents actions and outcomes. Acts as a liaison between center and customer.
* Communicates with IDT on daily basis to provide environment for residents/patients that promotes respect, dignity, safety and a high level of satisfaction
* Assists in delivery and response, as appropriate, of resident and family satisfaction surveys
* Conducts self and holds others to high standards of customer service
* Participates in committees including QAPI and others as assigned
* Hires and supervises Social Service staff within Center if in Director role
* Performs other duties as assigned

* Baccalaureate degree in Social Services or equivalent, with licensure in state of WV as Social Worker
* Minimum of one (1) year experience in a Social Services position in health care setting.