EMT - Basic (PRN)

  • Aspen Valley Hospital
  • 0401 Castle Creek Road Aspen Colorado 81611 United States
  • Posted: Jan 14, 2019
As needed Professional

Job Description

Responsible for direct emergency patient medical care during ambulance responses, direct in-hospital physician and nursing assistance and care under the supervision of physicians.  Assists the Director of Ambulance in planning, organizing and directing the activities of the ambulance department including assessment of equipment needs and maintenance of ambulance and living quarters.  Maintains good working relations with other hospital departments, associated Public Safety Agencies and the Community.
ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS WEIGHT I CLINICAL PROCESS & PRACTICE SKILLS 15%   Fully competent in primary role on unit; performs patient and family assessment and problem identification, plans care accordingly, implements and evaluates plan of care so that problems are resolved.     Adheres reliably to all accepted patient safety standards.     Identifies and promotes new learning around changing patient safety standards of practice.     Serves in advocacy role; encouraging active involvement of patient and family in their care.     Prioritizes patient’s situations and takes appropriate action in an efficient, effective manner.     Makes value-added resource decision for patient care with respect to supplies, equipment and acuity of care.   II PATIENT TEACHING 5%   Keeps patients informed regarding what to expect pre/during/post procedure              Provides individualized patient and family education consistent with patient’s learning style, readiness to learn and self care needs     Evaluated the effectiveness of patient learning   III COMPLIANCE WITH RULES, REGULATIONS AND POLICIES 5%   Records pertinent clinical documentation in accordance with regulatory requirements, professional standards and hospital policy.     Adheres to federal, state and hospital rules and regulations concerning HIPAA privacy and security.     Follows Hospital compliance plan and policies, including the Code of Conduct.     Participates in required training for compliance related activities (HIPAA, Compliance, Patient Safety, TJC, etc.)   IV PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT & INTEGRATION 5%   Demonstrates responsibility and accountability for own professional decision making.     Develops professional goals and diversity of responsibilities within practice; consistent with hospital mission and goals     Demonstrates role awareness and seeks individualized/department specific continuing education that improves patient care or professional practice.     Able to express values around patient/family centered care and assists others to achieve shared understanding.     Active participant in quality improvement processes.     Participates and contributes to unit meetings and activities.     Identifies need to seek out additional information when needed and apply relevant findings to practice   V SERVICE EXCELLENCE & CUSTOMER SERVICE 5%   Demonstrates purposeful service excellence through exceeding patient and co-worker expectations.     Represents the department and hospital as a dedicated, courteous and responsive employee.   VI      UNIT SPECIFIC DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES 10%    Performs assessment for and delivery of Emergency Medical Care to patients during ambulance responses at an EMT Basic Level.      Operates Emergency vehicles and equipment safely and effectively.      Maintains accurate and timely medical reports, charges, and logs including: ambulance report, ambulance run log, and vehicle log.      Performs functions of a medical/nursing nature at the direction of physicians in assigned areas within the certified capability of the Basic.      Performs non-medical duties as requested by administration.      Arranges patient transfer via ground or air from Aspen Valley Hospital to other receiving facilities upon notification by attending physician.      Maintains ambulance and associated equipment in constant state of readiness to include cleaning, inventory and maintenance checks as per the appropriate check-off lists      Assists with maintenance and cleaning of Aspen Ambulance District building, quarters, and bays.      Assists in Department planning and offers suggestions for improvement of operations and equipment.     Ability and skill to perform basic life support as defined by Colorado State Rule 500/800.   POPULATION SPECIFIC CRITERIA Pass/No Pass   Ensures developmentally and medically appropriate care for all patient populations and age groups.   VII CORE VALUES 50%   Patient Centered:is passionate about patient care, creating positive impressions on a consistent basis and exceeding our patients’ expectations. Exhibits courtesy and sensitivity to the needs of patients and their families, responds with a sense of urgency to patient problems, anticipates patient requirements, responds proactively and places the patient’s safety above all else.     Teamwork:works collaboratively with physicians and other staff and assists whenever possible. He/she openly shares information, provides feedback and participates in appropriate decision making as part of a team of healthcare professionals. Hospital and departmental objectives are placed ahead of individual agendas     Respect for Others:actively listens to others, takes other opinions into account, and communicates openly and honestly.  He/she demonstrates respect for others by being timely with communications, completion of tasks, and meeting attendance.  The employee is respectful of all physicians, colleagues, patients, visitors, and other stakeholders     Accountability:takes responsibility for his/her actions, abides by the hospital's guiding philosophies and policies, and follows through on commitments and physician orders.  He/she provides complete and accurate information to the Physician and/or other members of the work team. takes personal pride and ownership in the quality of care and services provided to all internal and external customers     Integrity:is truthful, trustworthy, and principled. He/she demonstrates character, conviction, and honest and ethical behavior in all interactions with others.  The employee's word can be trusted.  Behavior is consistent with these AVH Core Values   EDUCATION/EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS
  •  Must have completed approved EMT-B course
  •  Current Colorado State EMT-B certification required
  • Preferred National Registry EMT-B certification
  • BLS certification required
  • Current Colorado Driver’s License required
  • Preferred IV certification
  • Ability to read and communicate effectively in English
  • Spanish preferred
  • May be exposed to variable environmental conditions including, but not limited to extremes in temperature, noise, and dust.
  • May be exposed to communicable diseases through normal or careless performance of responsibilities
  • May be exposed to mechanical dangers associated with mechanical devices
  • May be exposed to stressful situations
  • In depth and up-to-date skills and knowledge of pre-hospital Emergency Medical Care techniques at the Basic level in order to provide emergency treatment for injured as normally acquired through the successful completion of a Colorado Department of Health Emergency Medical Technician Basic Certification and current BLS Certification
  • Written, verbal, quantitative and interpersonal skills normally acquired through the completion of a High School Degree in order to complete medical records, communicate effectively with patients and other Emergency Responders and to interrelate appropriately with Hospital personnel.
  • Desired, but not mandatory, the ability to evacuate and treat patients in the mountain and steep off-road settings normally acquired through completion of an off-road mountain evacuation course.
  • Ability to concentrate and show attention to detail
  • Relatively high degree of analytical abilities
  • Strong interpersonal skills required
  • Ability to work independently
On-the-job time is spent in the following physical activities. 
                                                                           - Percent of Time-
Stand:                                                                        75%
Walk:                                                                         75%
Sit:                                                                             75%
Talk or hear:                                                              99%
Use hands to finger, handle or feel:                         100%
Push or pull:                                                              75%
Stoop, kneel, crouch or crawl:                                   75%
Reach with hands and arms:                                      75%
Taste or smell:                                                           00%
This job requires that weight be lifted or force be exerted.
                                                                                        - Yes/ No -
Up to 10 pounds:                                                         yes  
Up to 25 pounds:                                                         yes  
Up to 50 pounds:                                                         yes  
Up to 100 pounds:                                                       yes  
More than 100 pounds:                                                 no   
This job has vision requirements as follows:              - Yes/No -
Clear close vision:                                                       yes 
Clear distance vision:                                                   yes 
Depth perception:                                                        yes 
Three-dimensional vision; ability to judge
   distances and spatial relationships:                                    yes 
Ability to adjust eye to bring an object into
   sharp focus:                                                                      yes

Job may have exposure to the following environmental conditions:
                                                                                          -Yes/No -
Wet, humid conditions (non-weather):                        yes   
Work near moving mechanical parts:                           yes  
Fumes or airborne particles:                                        yes   
Toxic or caustic chemicals:                                          yes   
Outdoor weather conditions:                                       yes 
Extreme cold (non-weather):                                         no   
Extreme heat (non-weather):                                         no   
Risk of electrical shock:                                               yes   
Work with explosives:                                                  no   
Risk of radiation:                                                         yes   
Vibration:                                                                    yes  
Hearing ability required for work environment is:    - Yes/No -
Ability to hear alarms on equipment:                           yes  
Ability to hear patient call:                                           yes  
Ability to hear instructions clearly:                              yes