Imaging Specialist - Nuclear Medicine (NM)

  • Licking Memorial Hospital
  • Licking Memorial Hospital Newark Ohio 43055 US
  • Posted: Jan 10, 2019
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Job Description

Imaging Specialist Nuclear Medicine




Position Summary

Provides health care services, providing imaging services to assist in diagnosis or treatment.  Performs imaging procedures and related techniques, producing images, for the interpretation by or at the request of a licensed practitioner.  Exercises professional judgment in performance of services and maintains a demeanor complementary to medical ethics.  Provides appropriate patient care and recognizes patient conditions essential for successful completion of the procedure.  Provides care for patients ranging in age from newborn through geriatric.  Provides practical instruction to students.  Provides back-up call as required




  • Perform Nuclear Medicine Imaging procedures
  • Prepares radiopharmaceuticals
  • calculates and administers Measure radioactivity using Geiger counter, scaler, scintillation detectors
  • Follow radiation safety techniques in use/disposal of radioactive materials
  • Practice med/surg aseptic techniques
  • Compile/Maintain regulatory, QI, QA, QC requirements
  • Calibrate equipment
  • Review and revise procedure protocols and patient preps
  • Document  injection site, label images
  • Maintain Hot Lab regulations
  • Communicate with patient/floors the scheduling time of house patient's




  • Graduate of approved school with Nuclear Medicine Certification (CNMT)
  • Possess valid license with Ohio Department of Health
  • Basic Life Support Certification
  • Knowledge of medical necessity, LMRP'S, ABN'S, etc

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